Motorcycle: Honda XR250 Tornado, own. Total distance: 4600 km. 9 days on the road.
It was a 9-day trip, but I spent 1-1/2 days travelling through Peru to reach Ecuador and another 1-1/2 days through Peru again to reach Lima.
Ecuador seems more organized and more prosperous than Peru. The roads and better. There is a public transport system and better taxis.
Unfortunately, there are some problems too: I came across a road blockade that was on its 8th day. I had to cross the blockades which were at first a bit nerve-racking but eventually became quite fun to ride between rocks, under a wire, over a mound of dirt and between the protesters.
Mountains: fantastic for the motorbike.
Quito and Cuenca: clean, well-organized with nice spring-like weather.
The bike, as always, does what is supposed to do: go with no problems.